Security Solutions


  • SIM Box Detection & Fraud Control
  • Extinguish eCrime extortion
  • Zero-vulnerability immune systems
  • Wireless Privacy Key
  • Protecting, Powering And Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure
  • Asset Tracking

Key Factors Of Security Solutions

Extinguish eCrime Extortion

A breach of the digital defense daily causes resource suffocation, employee frustration,

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brand image destruction and loss of corporate secrets to name but a few.Throughout the last decade we have provided services saving global financial institutions millions of dollars, simply in reimbursements to their customers

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Zero-vulnerability immune systems

Complete ecosystem of highly encrypted, hardware-based security and privacy products.

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We deliver encrypted data and voice communication based on patented key exchange mechanism and encryption to all those who need discretion on the digital frontlines of the 21st century.

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Asset Tracking

We provide a portfolio of industry-leading solutions for the mobile device management market,

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empowering businesses to remotely control, manage and secure their diverse mobile assets.

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Protecting, Powering And Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

We understands that intelligence is crucial and that IT and communication equipment is among the most critical infrastructure in the world today.

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We engage in developing, protecting and powering communication and electronic equipment in infrastructure systems

Our products are ruggedized, robust and durable with leading performance in TCO and by connecting them to IoT, We can demonstrate efficient use of resources and eliminate environmental concerns.We designs, manufacturer and market highly efficient single products and integrated plug-n-play systems corresponding to our customers need.

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Wireless Privacy Key

Secure the privacy of your conversations e.g,

whether that is a voice call, message, voice message, picture or document.

SIM Box Detection & Fraud Control

We propose a comprehensive managed service to Mobile Operator for Bypass Fraud Control of SIM Box and other International Bypass frauds.

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Strategy development

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