Infrastructure Solutions


  • 3D Geodata for 5G
  • Affordable rural data coverage
  • Signaling Penetration Testing Services
  • Network Audit & Optimisation
  • Nokia VAR
  • Smart Lighting
  • Virtualized Mobile Network Solutions

Key Factors Of Infrastructure Solutions

3D Geodata for 5G

Our wide range of geodata products enables wireless operators to deploy their networks for any application including 5G,

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Fixed Wireless Access, mmWave, small cell, backhaul, LPWA and WiFi networks, addressing any connected services everywhere from rural to dense urban.Thanks to a 3D geodata portfolio combined with Our Maestro solution which automatically assigns propagation models to each RF transmitter, we can guarantee an optimal RF coverage prediction provided by any generation of wireless network (from 2G to 5G).

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Signaling Penetration Testing Services

We offer to conductsremote SS7 vulnerability assessments of a mobile network over the public roaming SS7 connection.

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Unlike onsite assessments, this approach:

is the most realistic as it mimics the vectors used by real attackers.

requires no onsite personnel, connectivity or hardware/software deployment.

is fast. Full report available in as little as 15 days after PO.

is inexpensive as travel expenses are eliminated. The Telecom

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Network Audit & Optimization

We have pioneered a new approach to network optimization, which seeks to include internet connections at the hosting provider.

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It allows us to programmatically leverage network switches to improve performance replacing the traditionally reactive and manual procedures of network optimization with a completely automated solution by which network switches can now be managed remotely through code to re-engineer network routing protocols. It allows network engineers to pro-actively manage and optimize a whole set of network performance metrics.

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Nokia VAR

We are partners with the Nokia VAR for the Middle East and Africa, and we can offer at very convenient terms Nokia’s

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Active and passive equipment supply​

Active and passive equipment services​

FLM, Care, Software support​

Turnkey network delivery​

Managed services

Specialized financing solutions​

Interim Management support​

Build and Operate​

Tower Company solutions:​


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Smart Lighting

We are global leaders in smart lighting, networking and sensing solutions for municipal and commercial markets to ensure aesthetics,

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safety and efficiency .Our systems deliver high reliability, light uniformity and 85% energy savings and they have embedded wireless connectivity and GPS

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Affordable Rural Data Coverage

We provide low-cost, sustainable “last mile” Wi-Fi solutions to connect people in rural parts of the world enabling Internet access in both SEMI-URBAN,

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RURAL and REMOTE areas Sustainable and can operate 24/7 on grid power, solar panels and rechargeable batteries.Flexible, adapts to local infrastructure and connects with the Internet through fiber, satellite or microwave Local cloud with access to local e-learning, ehealth, e-governance, entertainment and more. System Integrator, providing end-to-end solutions (project planning & -execution, billing and network operation) (“1-Stop Shop”) Capable of global operations Ruggedized, field-proven, low maintenance solutions (= minimizes expensive service visits / improves ROI) Remote Management Software (both power and network)

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Virtualized Mobile Network Solutions

We enable operators to say “yes” to the future through our virtualized, cloud-native mobile network solutions and products.

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Operators can reduce their CAPEX and OPEX, scale in real-time to handle more traffic, simplify mobile network operations, and rapidly create and launch new services.

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